Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Scouting the Echopheen Video Locations

Yesterday we location scouted yet another school as a location for the music video. It's been a bit of a problem dealing with the school district bureaucracy, In fact, we had to push back the shoot a week to get it all taken care of. It looks like we will still be shooting the bus related stuff this weekend though. Happy 4th!

School Exterior, built ~1920's

The stage where the band will perform

Some views of the hallways

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I got back the locations scout photos for a music video I will be working on. The band is Called Echopheen. The concept is the band is on tour and they have flash backs to when they first met in middle school. As they arrive at their destination, it turns out the big gig they are playing at is a free show at their old middle school.

The photos are of the tour bus. It looks great from the outside, but the inside will be a bit of a challenge. It looks like the side windows are already tinted with an ~85 tint, but the front window is not... could be a conundrum. The bus also has a ~1,700 watt inverter. We will have a couple of 400 watt jokers and a couple of kinos. This should help bring the level up to compete with outside.

To see images from the location scout, check out the blog by the director Erik Espera at: