Friday, March 30, 2007

Hallstatt, Austria

Friday, March 30th

This Delta flight was better. Due to it being an international flight, the movies and games were free. Decent movies and crappy games. Except one. A type of “trivial pursuit” that you can play real-time in 20 question rounds against other passengers. It’s great fun to lean over and watch the player in 34E cringe as you just beat him out of a common sense question!

We got into Munich airport and had a 2-hour difficulty in getting our rental car. Apparently they won’t let rental gars go into former soviet block countries, even though they are EU nations. Well, we had to rent from a special company, pay extra insurance, and get a larger car, an Opel Astra, not a VW Lupo like I’d hoped. We also had to buy a 7 euro road permit for Austria and a yellow safety vest before we could enter the country.

The Drive thru the Alps in Austria was AMAZING. Mountains rising nearly vertically on either side for hours after hours. We made our way to Hallstatt, the most picturesque “village by the lake at the base of the snow covered peaks” ever!

We found a B&B at the edge of the lake and got rooms looking out to the lake.

For Dinner we ate at the Gasthof Zauner restaurant, a 110 year old restaurant in town.

I had “Reynanke”, a local fish specialty from the lake.

After dinner we strolled thru the town and listened to a string group practicing in the church for their spring concert.


Thursday, March 29th

We left last night and took the Delta red-eye to Atlanta. Delta has a Jetblue style dish network 30 channel TV deal going, but their system also includes on demand movies and videogames. The trouble is that the movies and games are $5 to watch/play, and the dish network TV shows only work while taxiing. Nice try, but I will take Jetblue with their blue potatoe chips anytime. (Quayle spelling intentional)

This morning we me my uncle David at the airport and went out to see some of the sights of Atlanta.

The one thing I noticed off the bat is that Atlanta is currently under a pollen siege. Literally every inch of every horizontal surface is covered in a yellow film. I’m glad I don’t have allergies.

Our first stop was to see the “Cyclorama”, a slightly post-civil war era circular painting that gives a 360 degree view of the battle for Atlanta.

Very cool except for the WPA era “enhancement” of adding a model diorama to the foreground to liven things up. Kinda cheesy. On the way out I got my picture taken with the “Texas”. (a very important civil war locomotive which I will hopefully go over in the future.)

After that toured the Fernbank Natural science center and they had a great display of Lizards.

Then we headed back to catch a second redeye, this one to Munich.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Avid Timeline

So I'm teaching a friend to cut on Avid and opend up the timeline for the Cognito music video. Remind me not to take on an edit job like this again!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Google Sketchup

OK, I found a cool program, Google Sketchup. It's basically a “CAD for Dummies”, but it has a lot of cool features. There are user created elements you can download from Google like building, cars, trees and people, there is even a “film” section with dolly track, a chapaman dolly, a triangle jib, a techno crane, and even sandbags! The best part: it's free.

Here are some sketches I came up with for a proposed set for a music video we have in the works: (the white things are hanging kino bulbs)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend in Tahoe

Siobhan and I had a much deserved getaway weekend in Tahoe. It was the perfect weekend to do so, it had snowed 3-5 feet the week before, but the weekend was comeplely sunny.
Here is a quick summary of our activities. The pics below are from the vendors websites. I am still waiting for my film to come back from the lab, and will update the pics when they come in. (Yes, I still shoot film…)

We stayed in 1920s era logging cabins converted to hotels at the “Rustic Cabins”
I would highly recommend this to any chain, ski lodge, or casino hotel. Rooms start at $59 are nice and private and a step back in time.

That night we ate at near by Italian place “Lanza’s”, and wholly cow! Probably the best Italian I have ever had. I had the Chicken Cacciatore, a whole half chicken! Dang that was good!'s.htm

After that we took a paddlewheel cruise of the lake onboard the “Tahoe Queen”

Then we did a sleigh ride at the “Borges” sleigh rides: