Thursday, December 08, 2005

Winning Attitude II

I just finished editing the second Winning Attitude PSA.

These are for the Positive Coaching Alliance, and this one features Sports Anchor Jim Crandell. We shot it in a basketball practice facility, with overhead mercury vapor/metal halide lights. Our tungsten units seemed to match with a 1/2 CTB. The shot went well, four set-ups in 3 hours, including a dolly shot.

Here is the opening shot. I wanted to have this framing, but had to fight the sunlight coming in from behind the talent. I had a minimal light kit and time to set up, so i just used one light, focused in tight from far away.
I had the talent track towards the light, so he never went in and out of the light. also, placing the light far back (30-40') helped keep the light gain as he neared the lamp (5' travel) to a minimum. In addition to the fluorescents in the background, there were Metal Halide lamps above and sunlight coming in the windows. I covered the 650 with opal and half blue, that in combination with reducing the chroma in the matrix helped to bring the color mix to a useable level.

This is a comparison between the raw image and the post affected image.
Our graphics guy (Rey Jaraba) took out some of the distracting electrical boxes and conduit, and posted a photorealistic logo mural in after effects. The shot slowly zooms in, and the mural tracks with it to make the image look believable.

For this shot, I re-arranged the bleacher seating to give a sense of depth perspective in this shot. We also defocused the background in post to isolate the foreground image.

For the final shot I took advantage of a loft/snack area above the courts to get this perspective. Moving a couple of tables together gave me a higher perch to give me the angle I needed. It only took a couple of takes to get the right "Swoosh"