Friday, March 30, 2007


Thursday, March 29th

We left last night and took the Delta red-eye to Atlanta. Delta has a Jetblue style dish network 30 channel TV deal going, but their system also includes on demand movies and videogames. The trouble is that the movies and games are $5 to watch/play, and the dish network TV shows only work while taxiing. Nice try, but I will take Jetblue with their blue potatoe chips anytime. (Quayle spelling intentional)

This morning we me my uncle David at the airport and went out to see some of the sights of Atlanta.

The one thing I noticed off the bat is that Atlanta is currently under a pollen siege. Literally every inch of every horizontal surface is covered in a yellow film. I’m glad I don’t have allergies.

Our first stop was to see the “Cyclorama”, a slightly post-civil war era circular painting that gives a 360 degree view of the battle for Atlanta.

Very cool except for the WPA era “enhancement” of adding a model diorama to the foreground to liven things up. Kinda cheesy. On the way out I got my picture taken with the “Texas”. (a very important civil war locomotive which I will hopefully go over in the future.)

After that toured the Fernbank Natural science center and they had a great display of Lizards.

Then we headed back to catch a second redeye, this one to Munich.