Monday, July 16, 2007

New Music Videos

The new music videos for Freex and Olson Olson are done! The Freex video was for the song “Box”. It was shot inside a 7’ box.
You can download it here (9 megs):

The Olson Olson video is for the song “En Passant”. We shot the performance footage on a white cyc stage at The Studio Center in Sacramento. The narrative footage was shot in HD with an HVX200 (for the slow-mo) with a 35mm adapter. We shot near the American River and in a Safflower field outside Davis.
You can download it here (13 megs):
Here are some location stills:
Shooting on a bridge over the river.
Hunting butterflies in a field at 60fps.
Trying to figure out the HD->SD in camera downconvert workflow.
Justin, Guitar.
Tom, Drums.
Wading thru the safflower field. I had to wear shorts that day, Ouch!
Directing Jennifer, the singer. Note Justin with playback.
A snake slithered by during the shoot. See if you can spot it's cameo in the video...