Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Fluffy Headphones

I love shopping at thriftstores. It's the best non-sequitur lifestyle possible. I had to stop hitting thriftstores because I was spending so much money. But we went in to a goodwill today. I was tempted by the hand painted portrait of Tom Selleck, complete with unbuttoned shirt exposing his chest hairs, and the artistically misplaced left eye. It was a copy of this picture: I still may go back for it. The one thing I did buy was a pair of pink fluffy headphones, similar to these:

Why you may ask?
I teach an editing class, and I keep a spare set of headphones for students to use when they forget their own. I call them the "painphones". They went through the wash (don't ask how, it was after a long shoot...) and have lost most of the padding. They still work, but are fairly uncomfortable to wear. Even still, there is always at least one student who has forgotten to bring headphones and is willing to put up with the pain. I'm hoping these new headphones will bring a new level of shame to the process.

The only problem I see is when (in the inevitable future...) I forget my sennheiser headphones and have to use these on a professional shoot. I'll let you know how that works out.