Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cool shoes

I got some cool shoes.

I like to run, but my running Nikes were just no good. Too much padding - it felt like I was running in clogs. Feet should not go numb while running. In an effort to find a more subtle shoe, I found online references to the "Vibram Five Finger" shoe or as I like to call them "Monkey Feet Shoes".
Those are cool, but expensive, hard to put on, and just too goofy.

They remind me of the kung fu shoes I wore in High School:
I did find a reference to someone recommending running in the Feiyue kung fu shoes.

Super thin sole and very flexible. I got a pair off EBAY for $20 with shipping. I love them, and I love running in them. It's like running barefoot with soles. It feels like wearing socks. I ran off track on dirt and gravel and even a bit on river rock, no problem. Super cool.