Monday, August 22, 2005

Sac film and music festival

This Saturday we had the premiere for the Echopheen Music video at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival. It was a really great showing, the crowd cheered at just the right moments you wanted them to cheer.

You can check out the video at:

Beware, it is Huge! Megs and megs and megs.

Myself, the Joshua the Lead Singer, and Erik Espera the Director outside the Festival.

The kids in the hall.

Young Echopheen writing their breakout hit.

On the way to their first gig.

Their first Gig. I like the piano and flag, nice touch.

Same stage, older Echopheen and different lighting. What a difference lighting can make.

A 2 shot of the young drummer and bassist, indigenous lighting.

Similar shot, different lighting and a little tighter.

CU of the lead singer, Josh.