Friday, August 26, 2005

Winning Attitude

This week I shot PSA for positive sportsmanship. The good news is we were able to shoot it on location inside of Raley field, a minor league baseball stadium, the bad news was that due to talent and venue restrictions, we had to be in and out in *less than one hour*! Gadzooks.

Well It was just me and the talent, and I knew what I wanted to get, so I quickly loaded all the grip and camera on a mathews doorway dolly and made my way down to the field. I used 2 shinyboards for the wide shots, and a 4x piece of foamcard for the closeups.

The Camera was a DVX 100, and I usually shoot with a Tiffen ¼ Black Promist as a matter of course, but the edit will need to match with some stock footage (shot on film) without a filter, so I took it off. I have to say I am very impressed with the camera barebones without filtration (Aside for a linear polarizer to darken the sky). With just a little color tweeking in post, the footage cut very well with the stock footage. (Just missing some occasional dust specks!) anyways, here are some screen grabs:

Our first setup, we were a little rushed, and the talent was a little "hot" with the shinyboards. (Did I mention it was over 100 degrees that day?)

A closeup with a much softer (and cooler!) beadboard fill.

You gotta love that 24p motion blur!

After we got the wide and closeup we needed, we grabbed this shot, a little more stylized, a little more pleasing compositionally.