Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On The Mountain

We finally were able to shoot a spot I have been wanting to do for a long time. This is a promotional spot for a series reporting on snow and ski conditions in the Sierra. The concept was to shoot the talent in all white winter clothes against a white cyc, sort of inspired by the spots. In this spot there are 2 variations. The first is a pure white cyc set, but in post we will add playful stylized icons of mountains, trees, and skiers. In the second variation, we hung sheetmetal frames from the grid. Inside which clips from the show will be treated with a look and inserted in post. The camera dollied out, and the talent did a walk and talk in between the frames. Should look great, I will post clips once it is finished.

A test shot with the floor almost painted. Note the homemade softboxes on the 2ks.

Rey Jaraba standing in for our talent. Rey is doing all the post work on the spot. That's a lot of work considering each of the frames will have different semi-transparent video as the talent walks behind some and in front of others. Oh yeah, did I mention this is a dolly shot too? He just rolled his eyes, but I have faith he can pull it off.