Monday, February 06, 2006

On The Mountain - Finished!

The editing and post work are done on the "On The Mountain" spot. The whites cleaned up great, and the post effects turned out Very, Very good, thanks to Rey Jaraba in A.E. Here are some images.

The Scene starts off with the talent in a white CYC, as blue squiggles are drawn in the background. Note: her eyes have been subtly changed to match the background palate (After Effects, or Spice?)

We cut to a wider shot to reveal the talent in front of a playful rendition of a snow covered mountain.
This is a dolly shot to the left. Note that the talent walks inbetween the "video screens", which are semi-transparent in appearance. Also, there are subtle snowflakes falling throughout the spot.

After watching some of the snow footage, we dolly back out of a frame, then lead the talent back into a wide shot with multiple screens.