Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flight to Ireland

We left early this morning and took a combination trip that layovers in Salt Lake and NYC. JFK airport is HUGE. Our connecting flight was on the opposite end from our arrival, and as we took the moving sidewalk of the future, you could discern what era each section of the airports were built. It was a rainbow cascade of 60's-70's-80's-90's-2k architecture.

This place is so huge, there are colonies (exageration) of birds flying about. There was one large pidgeon that would fly about 1' over people's heads. It looked like it was having fun. I certainly was having fun watching it. There were also 2 finches stealing moss from the pot of a large fake ficus plant. They were taking turns picking long strands and flying off to some unseen nest within the building. Imagine getting trapped and lost inside JFK airport (Tom Hanks), then finding someone else (of your same species) and hooking up to start a family...