Sunday, April 01, 2007

Budapest, Hungary

Sunday, April 1st

This Morning we went on a walking tour with Louie.
We walked up to the hill to Buda Castle and saw several famous statues and the presidential palace.
To get back down to street level we got to take the Budavári Sikló, or “Castle Glide” funicular. Built in 1870, this is the oldest funicular we’ve been on, including the Montreal and Santa Cruz funiculars.

We then crossed the famous chain bridge and walked to the St. Stephen's Basilica for a 360 degree panoramic view high above the city from the rim of the dome.
We then had lunch at a traditional Hungarian restaurant and had gulyás! Boo-yah!

Last we stopped by the “House of Terror”.

A museum dedicated to remembering the victims of Soviet and Nazi torture and murder. The was probably the best museum I have ever been in.