Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Echopheen Music Video Day 1 Cont: Classroom Scene

Saturday afternoon we shot the classroom scene. The director wanted the room to look like it was lit by the windows only. We silked out the window and closed the venetian blinds down to let some light in, but not blow out everything. We hung a 2k space light in the center of the room and put up 3 par64s fro back lights.

This scene was to be 360 steadicam circling around the four kids, but I talked the director into making it a series of 180 passes, thereby allowing me to light the room for a good and bad direction. As opposed to an "OK" for any direction.

A good shot showing the lighting units. Ignore the Moire pattern from the blinds.

Steadicam 180 shots around the group of kids

Gaffer Dave Bunge.

The lighting diagram for this scene