Thursday, July 14, 2005

Echopheen Music Video Day 1

This past weekend we shot the Echopheen Music Video, and I can't say I've had a better time on any other shoot.

The location was nice, the weather was pleasant, everyone there was fun and professional.

The camera package was a Panasonic HD Varicam, with a fujinon 17x lens. We had a 5-ton grip/electric package from gaffer Dave Bunge

We were supposed to get a mattebox and follow focus, but those were still on order in Germany, so we did w/o. A little bit of blackwrap as an eyebrow when needed, otherwise, we shot clean.

We started the day at 8:00am outside the school. It was a steadicam shot tight on a poster, pull back and follow a kid partially inside the school. It's a difficult shot for the first shot, but we scheduled the shot so that side of the building was in the shade, which means we only had to bring the inside of the school up 3-4 stops.

We used a mirror board to pump a beam of light in thru a window and onto the ceiling for fill. We also had a couple of 4x4 kinos flanking the entrance to the door as well.

We had 2 400w Joker HMIs and 1 575 that we used to pump hot spots on the walls and in the corners.

Above, from top:

The lead singer making a cameo.
The director, Erik Espera talking with the steadicam operator.
A wider shot showing the exterior of the school
Below: A Lighting Plan