Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Echopheen Music Video Day 2: Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning: Clunie Hall

The good news is that we are in the same location all day long, a nice large room. The bad news: It doubles as two time periods, with a massive relight half way through. Oh well, It's gonna look great...

The morning stuff couldn't have been easier. We used the existing overhead stage lights (PAR 38 strips) with just a bounce card from below. Easy, and it looks great. We set up the camera to be moving on a circular path around the talent. We only had wide angle track, so we used the doorway dolly and gaff taped off a 6' circle around each band member.

You can see the Gaffers tape marks on the floor.

In the opposite angle, you can see how large the hall is.

From Left to right:
Sean Sullivan, AD
Erik Espera, Director
Sketch, Clapper and Editor
Dan Billings, 2nd AC
Myself, DP

An elder band member showing his younger self how to play lead guitar. You can also see the indigenous overhead strip lighting.